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implement refugee youth mentorship programs.

Are you or your organization looking to start a mentorship program for young adult refugees, find volunteer mentors, access easy to implement mentorship programming materials, or connect with other organizations to share mentorship best practices? Introduce yourself through our interest form to get connected and find the resources you need: 

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support and coach refugee youth mentees.

Do you currently or have you previously mentored a young adult refugee mentee? Would you be willing to assist other mentors and organizations to improve the mentorship process? Introduce yourself through our interest form to see how we might work together:

Are you currently mentoring a young adult refugee mentee? Our self-paced curriculum is designed for you and your mentee:

Are you currently preparing to mentor a young adult refugee mentee? Or are you looking for further training on how to be a better mentor? Our mentor training is designed for you:

Looking for further resources for your young adult refugee mentee? Access our referral resource database:

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build a support network to reach their goals.

Would you be willing to get involved in improving mentorship programs designed for young adult refugee mentees? Introduce yourself and get in touch through our interest form:

Are you currently a part of a mentorship program? Our self-paced curriculum is designed for you and your mentor:

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volunteer with and donate to RYSE Initiative.

Volunteers work with RYSE Initiative as Curriculum Specialists and Outreach Coordinators. Check for open volunteer roles:

While knowledge is power, knowledge is ineffectual without the skills to apply it. RYSE opportunity grants are the applied component of the mentorship program, when the knowledge gained through the mentor-mentee relationship is utilized in the real world. Young adults in need of financial support for college, certification courses, or unpaid internships may not having the flexibility to accept these kinds of opportunities. Donate or shop our merchandise store to help us fund our opportunity grant applicants: